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Why Visit Bulgaria Once in Your Life

Posted on 31 December 2017 by admin (0)

Bulgaria is a magical place in the European Union and surprisingly so, it is one of the most affordable places to travel in Europe. Though Bulgaria is a small country it is sprawling with hundred year old traditions and culture. Moreover, it is a place full of beautiful places waiting to be explored, fascinating architecture, striking beaches by the Black Sea Coast and landmarks that demonstrate the customs of the Bulgarians. It all makes you feel like a real life adventurer and really if you are considering to travel a place that is an all in one package Bulgaria definitely makes it to the top of the list.

There are some fascinating things about this European country that would make you fall in love with its humanities just by reading it, and possibly a heads up for all the adventure you are up for. The splendid ‘horo’ dancing of Bulgaria which is the traditional way of celebrating every happy moment whether it be their independence or the countless festivities they host. The steps consists of dancing in a circle where all participants are holding hands, however there are a hundred different types of horo. Each performed in their own unique way but you can definitely catch a few steps.

Bulgarian crafts and cuisines are enjoyed ecstatically because they happen to have a delicious solution to every problem. The tarator is a conventional soup, prepared with cucumber, dill and yogurt that is the perfect therapy to the summer heat. Also the ‘rakia’ which is the national liquor of Bulgaria is a must try, it can come on as a tad strong but the after feel is totally worth it. Bulgarian opera performances on the other hand just as artistic and quite sentimental, undeniably delightful and held in medieval fortresses.

Sofia, which is the Bulgarian capital is one of the oldest cities that reside in all of Europe. A truly captivating place to visit, the city is home to antique castles and citadels belonging to the feudal ages. And if you really wish to delve in the history of Bulgaria, do visit the National History Museum and the National Art Museum. Both of which inhabit mesmerizing art, artillery and other substantial exhibits which are paraded gloriously. They are a great insight into the precedent and contemporary Bulgaria. There are a number of more adventures and enjoyments the land of Bulgaria holds for its visitors that makes it a must see country.