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Traveling to Istanbul and Anatalya in Turkey

Posted on 12 January 2018 by admin (0)

When your plane lands in Istanbul, rest for a few minutes until you are fresh and ready to explore the Turkish lands. Head directly to Taksim Square for your first adventure on an Istanbul morning. It is Central Square of the city with a few landmarks in the way. You can have breakfast and then can take the metro and head towards Sultan Ahmed mosque and Hagia Sophia. Public transport in Istanbul is so easy and convenient. To go to Sultan Ahmed Mosque you have to get into the Metro from Taksim to Kabatas and from Kabatas to Sultan Ahmed to finally reach the blue mosque.









Before heading to Sultan Ahmed Mosque just make sure that you are dressed modestly, ladies especially must cover their elbows, knees and head. Sultan Ahmed mosque was constructed in the 16th century during the Ottoman Empire now this mosque has got six minarets and the reason why it is also called the blue mosque is because of the blue tiles which are carved inside the mosque. The Sahan area of the Blue Mosque that is mostly empty other than prayer time. However, during Friday afternoons this place will be completely crowded and especially during Ramadan, season visitors will not be allowed to get in.

Moving on to the Hagia Sofia that used to be a Greek Catholic Church which was constructed in 500 AD but then the Ottomans converted it into a mosque. This is considered as the masterpiece of Byzantine architecture. To explore the royal areas behind Hagia Sofia just walk few metres and you will reach Topkapi palace and this is where you can spot Harem. Harem is the private place where the royal members used to spend their time. This place really takes you back in time and forces you to imagine what luxurious life they used to have. The Imperial Hall is the majestic ballroom where the Emperor used to sit with his Ministers and have all the official meetings and gatherings.

The Galata Tower is a classical architectural illustration from the medieval ages of the Roman reign. From the top of the Galata tower you can have a complete panoramic view of Istanbul city which is fantastic. Moving on the Galata Bridge which is laid over the Boshphorous Lake and the south side of Istanbul. There are floating restaurants sitting atop the lake shore that sell the infamous Balek Ekmek which is fish sandwich which is really tasty and a must try. Once you cross the Galata Bridge you will reach the Spice market where you can encounter the classical Turkish lunch. There is a variety of Turkish culinary delights such as flavored rice, really juicy chicken, lamb or beef kebabs, lots of herbs, fresh Khuboos and Hummus.

Once doine with Istanbul head straight to Antalya. There is a small beautiful town called Kaleici if you are staying in Antalya, Kaleici is the place where you have to stay! Antalya is a harbor town with lush green mountains and bright blue ocean we stayed at the beach cliff close to Hidrilik tower and from where the view of Old Marina and Mermerli beach is mesmerizing, the private beach of Mermerli is a magical place. From the Old Marina you must take a boat ride to see the amazing waterfalls and beautiful sunset in the town of Antalya. People are quite friendly in Turkey and it is possible they offer you a souvenir of their hospitality if you befriend one, it is kind to accept it.

Mornings are pretty silent at Turkey but as night falls, the place is filled with live music, dance, barbeque and grills, pubs, parties and so on.