Traveling to Istanbul and Anatalya in Turkey

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When your plane lands in Istanbul, rest for a few minutes until you are fresh and ready to explore the Turkish lands. Head directly to Taksim Square for your first adventure on an Istanbul morning. It is Central Square of the city with a few landmarks in the way. You can have breakfast and then can take the metro and head towards Sultan Ahmed mosque and Hagia Sophia. Public transport in Istanbul is so easy and convenient. To go to Sultan Ahmed Mosque you have to get into the Metro from Taksim to Kabatas and from Kabatas to Sultan Ahmed to finally reach the blue mosque.









Before heading to Sultan Ahmed Mosque just make sure that you are dressed modestly, ladies especially must cover their elbows, knees and head. Sultan Ahmed mosque was constructed in the 16th century during the Ottoman Empire now this mosque has got six minarets and the reason why it is also called the blue mosque is because of the blue tiles which are carved inside the mosque. The Sahan area of the Blue Mosque that is mostly empty other than prayer time. However, during Friday afternoons this place will be completely crowded and especially during Ramadan, season visitors will not be allowed to get in.

Moving on to the Hagia Sofia that used to be a Greek Catholic Church which was constructed in 500 AD but then the Ottomans converted it into a mosque. This is considered as the masterpiece of Byzantine architecture. To explore the royal areas behind Hagia Sofia just walk few metres and you will reach Topkapi palace and this is where you can spot Harem. Harem is the private place where the royal members used to spend their time. This place really takes you back in time and forces you to imagine what luxurious life they used to have. The Imperial Hall is the majestic ballroom where the Emperor used to sit with his Ministers and have all the official meetings and gatherings.

The Galata Tower is a classical architectural illustration from the medieval ages of the Roman reign. From the top of the Galata tower you can have a complete panoramic view of Istanbul city which is fantastic. Moving on the Galata Bridge which is laid over the Boshphorous Lake and the south side of Istanbul. There are floating restaurants sitting atop the lake shore that sell the infamous Balek Ekmek which is fish sandwich which is really tasty and a must try. Once you cross the Galata Bridge you will reach the Spice market where you can encounter the classical Turkish lunch. There is a variety of Turkish culinary delights such as flavored rice, really juicy chicken, lamb or beef kebabs, lots of herbs, fresh Khuboos and Hummus.

Once doine with Istanbul head straight to Antalya. There is a small beautiful town called Kaleici if you are staying in Antalya, Kaleici is the place where you have to stay! Antalya is a harbor town with lush green mountains and bright blue ocean we stayed at the beach cliff close to Hidrilik tower and from where the view of Old Marina and Mermerli beach is mesmerizing, the private beach of Mermerli is a magical place. From the Old Marina you must take a boat ride to see the amazing waterfalls and beautiful sunset in the town of Antalya. People are quite friendly in Turkey and it is possible they offer you a souvenir of their hospitality if you befriend one, it is kind to accept it.

Mornings are pretty silent at Turkey but as night falls, the place is filled with live music, dance, barbeque and grills, pubs, parties and so on.


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There are many places in the world that have hard water. Meaning that there are a lot of chemicals in the water that is coming through the taps. And, most people don’t like drinking this hard water and it can ruin your water system in your home because of the chemicals getting stuck in the pipes. This is why installing water softener systems are so important. However, is this something that you can install yourself, or should you rather hire a professional to install it for you?

The size of system that you are installing

Before you can know if you can install the system yourself, you need to consider the size of the water softener system that you are installing in your home.  If you are installing the smaller water softeners, just in the kitchen, then you probably can do this yourself.

However, if you are considering purchasing the systems that are running throughout your home, then hiring someone to do this for you is a much better option.

Most companies that sell water softeners installing it also

Something to consider is the fact that most companies that are selling the water softeners are also installing it for you. The great thing about this is that they know the system and they know exactly how to install it correctly.

Those that are asking an additional fee for the installation will still be able to do the installation correctly. Making it worth paying the money.

Why you should not install it yourself

If you don’t know exactly how to install the water softener system, you might end up installing it incorrectly. This can cause the system to fail and to even break down. And, then your warranty won’t work anymore. Especially when you are installing it yourself and the company that you purchased it, offered to do the installation for you.

It is important to know how to install these systems correctly and how to add the softeners correctly. This is the only way that you can know for sure that your water quality will be better.

Ask if the installation price is included with purchasing the system

A final tip. There are some companies out there that are doing the installation free when you are purchasing this system. But, if you don’t ask, they will not offer. Or, they might charge you extra for the installation, even if the installation price was included in the system.

You need to make sure that you are going to know as much about the installation process of the company where you are going to purchase the system at.

The water softener systems are complicated to install. Especially, if you are installing the system that is running throughout your home. With this information, you will know if the installation is something that you can do yourself, or if you should rather let a professional install it for you.

Why Visit Bulgaria Once in Your Life

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Bulgaria is a magical place in the European Union and surprisingly so, it is one of the most affordable places to travel in Europe. Though Bulgaria is a small country it is sprawling with hundred year old traditions and culture. Moreover, it is a place full of beautiful places waiting to be explored, fascinating architecture, striking beaches by the Black Sea Coast and landmarks that demonstrate the customs of the Bulgarians. It all makes you feel like a real life adventurer and really if you are considering to travel a place that is an all in one package Bulgaria definitely makes it to the top of the list.

There are some fascinating things about this European country that would make you fall in love with its humanities just by reading it, and possibly a heads up for all the adventure you are up for. The splendid ‘horo’ dancing of Bulgaria which is the traditional way of celebrating every happy moment whether it be their independence or the countless festivities they host. The steps consists of dancing in a circle where all participants are holding hands, however there are a hundred different types of horo. Each performed in their own unique way but you can definitely catch a few steps.

Bulgarian crafts and cuisines are enjoyed ecstatically because they happen to have a delicious solution to every problem. The tarator is a conventional soup, prepared with cucumber, dill and yogurt that is the perfect therapy to the summer heat. Also the ‘rakia’ which is the national liquor of Bulgaria is a must try, it can come on as a tad strong but the after feel is totally worth it. Bulgarian opera performances on the other hand just as artistic and quite sentimental, undeniably delightful and held in medieval fortresses.

Sofia, which is the Bulgarian capital is one of the oldest cities that reside in all of Europe. A truly captivating place to visit, the city is home to antique castles and citadels belonging to the feudal ages. And if you really wish to delve in the history of Bulgaria, do visit the National History Museum and the National Art Museum. Both of which inhabit mesmerizing art, artillery and other substantial exhibits which are paraded gloriously. They are a great insight into the precedent and contemporary Bulgaria. There are a number of more adventures and enjoyments the land of Bulgaria holds for its visitors that makes it a must see country.

Americas’ Favorite Cities for Foodie

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The culinary arts of The United States have always been quite pleasing. Whether it is street food that suits your appetite or some Michelin-star fare, America’s gastronomic powerhouses can rival to some of the world’s beloved cities for food.

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is the nation’s number one city to experience the most heart-melt food. The beignets of the infamous Café du Monde are visitors favorite choice accompanies with a cup of café-au-lait. There are millions of other trendy options such as the shrimp and sausage quiche, all quintessential to beginning a southern feast.

San Francisco, California

Heading to San Francisco means you are craving some top notch Mexican food. Locals say that a few exotic joints serve better food than what’s available in Mexico itself. However, if you are not craving tacos and empanadas, one of the many Michelin-star restaurants can serve up some world class food on your palate.

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is known for its innovative invention of the deep-dish style pizza, which is just one of the wondrous fares the city has to offer. From filthy streets to glamorous cafés of the country, Chicago is the home to the most lip smacking, juicy hot dogs ever made.

Louisville, Kentucky

Louisville is home to a plethora of gourmet style restaurants, chic in taste and ambiance alike. Even if you dine in two different restaurants a day for a year, it would still be hard get through all of the goodness of Louisville cuisines. The more than delicious chili wontons and hot brown are to name a few specialties of the city.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philly’s food scene is breathtaking and mouth melting. They love to “cheese” their food and honestly, Philadelphia is so much more than its cheesesteak, which only visitors eat. Philly is now vastly recognized for its contemporary Israeli relishes and some of the best vegan delights! And after you have devoured the charming entrees, there is always space for a water ice and Philly’s soft pretzels.

Nashville, Tennessee    

Other than the musical talents of Nashvillians, the recent outburst in the enchanting culinary caliber of the city has put it to the map of scrumptious food scenes. Take a mouthful of some amazing local dishes, savor the delectable taste and take a huge swig of your beer that is fresh to the last sip. Nashville, has one of the best beer gardens in the country.